Reluctant Leaders are the Best Leaders

Reluctant Leaders are the Best Leaders

What is a Reluctant Leader?
“You may obey a leader who has power and authority, but you will not strive to serve her or the cause of the organization unless you respect and care for her in addition to the ones with whom you serve.”
— Dan B. Allender, Leading with a Limp

A Reluctant Leader is not a style or methodology of leadership…it is how leaders are born. Since before the modern world, there have been two types of leaders: those that seek the role and those that accept the role.
The Leadership Seeker
Being a Leadership Seeker is not a bad thing. Seekers have aspirations for their careers, livelihood and personal life. They drive toward making an impact that is noticeable and accept praise for successes. The Seeker can be passionate, motivated by their internal goals and targets. They can influence others, gaining trust and buy-in to their game plan. Seekers know how to sell – their ideas, their methods, their vision and their goals.

“Authority: The skill of getting people to willingly do your will, because of your personal influence.”
— James C. Hunter, The Servant

The downside of Seekers? They put their needs and goals ahead of others. They do not learn from a defeat or failure. Their desire for recognition takes the spotlight off of their teams and focuses it solely on themselves. They are slow to praise but quick to point fingers. When describing their project or work, they use “I” and “They” rather than “We” or “Us”. They churn through followers either through attrition or conflict. Loyalty is not a factor with Seekers.

The Leadership Acceptor (aka The Reluctant Leader)
“The greatest leaders are reluctant ones who lead because they realize that no one else seems willing to step up.”
― Orrin Woodward
The Acceptor is someone who sees the need but no one willing to fill it. Acceptors analyze the situation before committing. They begin by asking themselves, “Can I do this?”. They visualize both failure and success. Acceptors hold the needs of the team and the affected to higher level than their own. Acceptors ask a lot of questions of others seeking feedback and ideas, rather than insert their goals and targets to achieve the greater good. Communication is a constant and becomes the culture of the Acceptors role and team. Problem solving is the Acceptors primary focus, measuring the outcome of the status quo versus changing direction. The greatest strength of an Acceptor is their creativity in building a solution, team and/or organization and forming a symbiotic relationship between the three.
The Reluctant Leader evolves from Acceptor to a leadership role over a short period of time. Acceptors often reject the vision of Seekers, choosing to identify the path with the collaboration of others. When something does not work, Acceptors determine root cause and pivot. Acceptors measure themselves by the number of obstacles they clear not the just the achievement of a goal.
The downside of an Acceptor? As a servant leader, they sometimes lose sight of the big picture and get lost in the details. Acceptors have a hard time of not being hands on and delegating. Because the concept of being a Reluctant Leader is the origin of their leadership role, any acceptor who finds no intrinsic reward in their position is doomed to always having reluctance to stepping up again.
What does a Reluctant Leader rely on versus a Leadership Seeker?
Reluctant Leaders….
Place people in roles where they can succeed
Seek input on solving the issue
Love collaboration
Act as advocates
Desire intrinsic fulfillment
Champion change to solve a problem
Passionate about serving others
See the team as a collection of people with unique strengths

Leadership Seekers….
Place people in roles that fill a need
Seek buy-in with little discussion
Love Oration
Act as prosecutors
Desire recognition
Champion change to distinguish themselves
Want to be served
See the team as a metric – the more on the team, the more power the Seeker will possess.

When the Seeker is able to leverage their ability to influence others, sell an idea or promote change, they will thrive. Their followers are less likely to be loyal in the long run, but the Seeker will drive the team toward achieving the vision he or she set forth. Their ambition will bring visibility to their efforts, promoting the successes achieved yet ignoring the contributors, a major factor in the churn rate of their team.
The Reluctant Leader is perfect in situations that require problem solving, market shifts and rebuilding an organization. They begin with self-doubt, which can be the driver toward meeting their goals. Their ability to analyze and listen while visualizing what success and failure look like is at the core of how they will perform. Those that follow remain loyal to the Reluctant Leader, embracing the “We” and “Us” mindset when driving toward their goals.
The best leaders are molded over time. Leadership is a journey, with smooth sailing as well as choppy water. The Reluctant Leader will bring strength, unity, recognition and longevity which are pillars for success.

About the Author
Scott Schledwitz is a manager with one of the Big 3 Consulting firms. He has built a career advising clients on processes, strategy and technology. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida(probably because he is a big Disney fan!).

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5 Steps to a Successful Loan Broker Business


A loan broker business is a lucrative career move for anyone looking for the freedom to make their own hours and build real professional relationships. Loan brokers can work from anywhere and the income potential is virtually endless, making this business a smart move for anyone. If you have decided to make the switch and become a loan broker, you will need to know the basic steps to becoming successful in the business.

Loan Broker Business Training

There are many choices for loan broker training and you will need to sift through and choose the best one for you. Look for training that offers everything from learning materials to marketing packages and mentoring to get the most from your courses. Most loan broker business training courses take approximately one week and will provide you with a LOT of information. Be sure that the course you choose will provide all of your learning materials in print so that you can look back at them after training is complete. Do your research, listen to testimonials, and choose your loan broker training wisely.

Market Your Loan Broker Business

A loan broker business will require special marketing techniques that traditional business may not use. It is important to brand your loan broker business and create top of mind awareness at every chance you have. Social media marketing will start conversations and get people talking about your loan broker business. When you begin your business, it is important to decide what niche your loan broker business will market. If you have a particular focus on the restaurant industry, for example, market yourself with a restaurant focused brand. Marketing your niche is very important to the success of your loan broker business.

Mentor To get Questions Answered

In the loan broker business, a mentor is an asset that you can’t forego. When you start your business, you will inevitably have questions that you won’t have the answer for. A mentor can not only provide those answers, but they can provide you will real examples and experiences. This knowledge can not be found within the pages of a book. Make sure that you choose a loan broker training program that offers a mentor after the course is over. Commercial Loan Broker Institute at offers loan broker business mentoring after training.

Network For Success

Networking is going to become a huge part of your loan broker business. You will need to be constantly networking for clients, bankers and lenders. The larger your network, the more deals you will be able to complete and that means more income for you. Make sure that your network includes every type of business, lender, investor and bank that you can think of. You will want to make sure that you can fund every business and you will need to have the resources to do so.

Educate Yourself Constantly

After your training is complete, you will need to get some continuing education to make your loan broker business stay ahead of the competition. The loan broker business changes regularly, and the only way to ensure that you are aware of every change is to continue your education regularly. Look for training that offers continuing education and take advantage of it.

Owning a successful loan broker business may not be easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you know what steps to take. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to owning a loan broker business. Visit  for more information about the training program and options offered.

The Perfect Commercial Lender Training Course


If you are searching for a commercial lender training course, there are hundreds of available to you. A quick online search will yield tons of results that can be overwhelming to sift through. How do you choose a training course that will help you succeed in the commercial lending field? What makes one course better than another? Since everyone learns differently, you will want to consider what course is right for YOU rather than which course looks the best at a glance. There are a few things that you should consider when looking for the perfect commercial lender training course.

Location, Location, Location.

Lender training courses can be taken online or in person and they will vary quite a lot from one another. An online lender training course will likely require more time studying the material on your own than an on location class. For some people it is easier to learn when information is given to them in person. Others learn better when they are free to study on their own time. You should consider the type of course that will suite your learning style and your schedule before choosing.

Commercial Lender Training Course Syllabus

Commercial lender training should not only teach you how to be a business loan broker, but you should also learn how to run a business in general, how to talk to clients, and how to network with other lenders. Be prepared to learn how to calculate loan amounts, interest rates and commissions. A great commercial lender training course will offer marketing materials that you can use for your business. A really great course will offer personalized documents, training materials and a website to get you started. Some training even provides mentoring in your home state and city which allows you to obtain on-the-job experience. You should look for courses that are taught by professionals, people with real experience in the field of commercial lending.

Time Commitment

Commercial lender training courses are generally 3 – 10 days long and will require your undivided attention for that period of time. If you find a course that is less than 3 days long, you can usually be sure that this course is not going to give you the training that you will need for success. After the initial training, you should expect to continue learning for another 6 months or even a year. This is where having a mentor comes in handy. Choose a course that provides you with some type of continued support after initial training is complete. Your success will be a continual learning experience throughout the course of your career. When choosing the right commercial lender training course, it is important to know that your training should never really come to an end.

Getting Started

After your courses are complete, you will be ready to start funding businesses and creating your network. Your commercial lender training course should offer a lending network to get you started and it should also offer business materials like branded documents and checklists. Make sure that your mentor is on speed dial because you will likely have questions and will need advice when just starting out. If your training course does not offer a mentoring program or continuing education, you can often find someone to shadow by reaching out to seasoned brokers for help. Remember, this is a business of people and by asking for help, you are revealing your humanity and in turn, building trust.

Commercial Lender Marketing

You will find that there are many courses available for commercial lender training. Each will have features that are appealing to you. The key is to find a course that is not only tailored to your learning style, but one that offers everything you need for success.

The perfect commercial lender training course is out there, you just have to know what to look for and what you want to get out of it. The Commercial Loan Broker Institute is a great place to get your questions answered and to learn more about different types of commercial lender training courses. The decision to become a commercial loan broker should not be taken lightly and you should get serious training to obtain serious success.

Why You Must Take Charge of Your Estate Planning


A cautionary tale that reminds us of the importance of establishing and maintaining a comprehensive estate plan.

Danny and Manny – two visionary brothers – opened a small electronics store just as personal computers were starting to really take off in the early 1980s. Convinced that personal computing was the next big thing, they rented a cramped retail space for their first store, The Computer Hut. Their company, Fatherboard, Inc. (an S Corp.), struggled in the early days, but the business grew steadily over time. They expanded to more stores, ultimately becoming a huge computer retailer. Danny’s sons, Jimmy and Jack, grew up in the family business, driving the company’s expansion into new markets. Danny and Manny frequently discussed their plans for the boys to one day own and manage Fatherboard, Inc.

Manny was the financial genius behind the operation, creating and maintaining an estate plan for the security of his family. He insisted on a buy/sell agreement from the very beginning – funded by life insurance – acquiring additional coverage as the value of Fatherboard, Inc. increased. Danny was just the opposite, always procrastinating when it came to financial planning. He acknowledged the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan, but Danny died with only a will, leaving everything to his wife, Fanny. Upon his passing, the buy/sell agreement kicked in, valuingFatherboard, Inc. at $50 million. The company received $25 million in life insurance proceeds – funds which were subsequently used to purchase Danny’s half of Fatherboard, Inc. for $25 million in cash. As his wife, Fanny inherited this money free of estate taxes, but her heirs won’t be as fortunate. When she passes away, substantial estate taxes will be assessed against the wealth she leaves behind.

Manny wanted to treat his nephews fairly, so he sold half of his Fatherboard, Inc. stock to an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) for $25 million – making Jimmy and Jack beneficiaries of the trust. The company’s cash flow will be used to pay Uncle Manny $25 million for the stock (plus interest), which will be free of both income and capital gains taxes. Once Manny receives these proceeds from the IDGT – and the stock has been distributed to his nephews – they will each own 25 percent of Fatherboard, Inc., just as their father had intended.

So, here’s the takeaway from this story: (1) You need a comprehensive estate plan to protect your family’s wealth from high estate taxes; and (2) Failing to keep your estate plan updated as circumstances change will ensure that the IRS gets a larger chunk of your wealth once you’re gone.In order to sustain the money you make today, you must create, implement and update your estate plan as circumstances change.

At Werbin Rubin,our personalized approach to estate planning ensures all of your preparations are handled safely and confidentially. As your trusted financial advisor, our focus is on empowering you to provide for your loved ones in a tax-efficient manner while protecting your assets, reducing risk, and complying with federal and state rules and regulations.